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    NEWS! February 17th, 2017
    • The Ice Thickness on the South end of Winnebago as of February 17, 2017 is: 12 - 14 inches. (1/2 mile from shore) *measurements are subject to fluctuation, always use extreme caution when out on the ice.
    • Wind Power Ice Surface Quality: C+
    • With the approaching Warm/Spring-like temperatures, Lake Winnebago's ice will be rapidly declining and becoming unsafe. 
    • This will most likely be the last weekend Wind Power will be on the Ice and performing lessons!
    • The Wind Power Cam has been moved to the top of the shop's mast over 60 feet high!  Tune into Wind Power's /Live page, YouTube or watch the embed below to see Sunrise, Sunset and action on the south end of Lake Winnebago.  Great Job Team Wind Power, now we got a great view and a working wind meter.....
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    Happy Holidays from: Ben, Kevin, & Team Wind Power
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Summary: Cold with light NW winds.

Wind: Local conditions are Light.
Ice & Snow Report: Get Ready To Ride!    Hello Everyone, today we measured the ice approx. half a mile out and found a consistent 12 - 14 inches (Ice Reports are subject to flucuation, always use extreme caution on the ice). The Wind Power Ice Surface Quality Rating is: C+. Best launch spots are still on the south end of the lake in front of the Wind Power Surf Shop. REMEMBER TO ALWAYS USE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN OUT ON THE ICE. (updated: Feb. 17, 10 am)
When driving out on the ice, always remove your seatbelt and roll the windows down. Use Ice Cleats/Grippers for traction when walking on bare ice. Do not go out without ice picks. Use extreme caution when out on the ice. 
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Current Observations Wind Compass
Local Time:
(Feb 27, 2017)
6:31 am
5:40 pm
Day of year: 58
Week of year: 9
11 hrs 9 min 20 sec
12 hrs 50 min 40 sec
Current Season: Winter
( / )
Wind Chill:
(1 min ave)
(5 min ave)
Wind Gust:
(5 min peak)
Peak Gust:
all times are Central Standard Time (CST)
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updated: Monday Feb 27th at 5:00 am (CST)
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Wind & Gust Direction Graph
Note: West-centered on y-axis due to prevailing winds at this locale.
Wind Directions vs. Time(details ▼)
updated: Monday Feb 27th at 5:01 am (CST)
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Temperature & Wind Chill Graph
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Wind Speed & Gust Rosette Graph
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Tabular Data for Monday Feb 27th, 2017

A summary of Today's observations are shown in the table below. All measured values are time averages over the 15 minute interval, except wind gusts which by definition are a maximum value. Windsock ratings of 2 or higher are indicated. Observations during daylight hours are shown with light green background for date and time cells. This table is updated every time any graph is updated. Also, clicking a data row will toggle highlighting on/off for easy reference.

The Weather Center records observations every minute (1,440 minutes per day) and that set of data is 'thinned' down to a reasonable number of data points (96 using a 15 minute interval) without sacrificing much data integrity. You can learn more about the system, data and database on the information and sensor pages.

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Raw observations (1 minute observations) can be viewed here and are archived at the end of the day. See Yesterday History page or any other date prior for Raw data download.

DateTimeTemperatureWind ChillWind (mph)
(2+ windsocks are indicated)
Wind Gust (mph)
(peak during interval)
Feb 27, 201712:00 am29.2 °F24.9 °F3.8 W (264°)8.9 NNE (30°)
Feb 27, 201712:15 am29.7 °F27.0 °F4.0 WNW (296°)9.6 WNW (289°)
Feb 27, 201712:30 am29.9 °F25.1 °F4.9 WNW (303°)9.0 NNW (342°)
Feb 27, 201712:45 am29.3 °F27.2 °F2.9 WNW (294°)9.2 W (281°)
Feb 27, 20171:00 am27.9 °F25.8 °F2.6 WNW (286°)8.9 WNW (296°)
Feb 27, 20171:15 am26.7 °F25.6 °F1.9 WSW (248°)9.6 SSW (193°)
Feb 27, 20171:30 am26.8 °F26.8 °F0.2 WNW (296°)9.6 SSW (209°)
Feb 27, 20171:45 am26.1 °F26.1 °F0 WNW (296°)1.2 WNW (296°)
Feb 27, 20172:00 am25.3 °F25.3 °F0.2 NW (305°)5.7 NNW (330°)
Feb 27, 20172:15 am25.3 °F25.3 °F0 WNW (296°)6.3 WNW (296°)
Feb 27, 20172:30 am25.9 °F25.9 °F0 WNW (296°)-
Feb 27, 20172:45 am27.3 °F27.3 °F0 WNW (296°)-
Feb 27, 20173:00 am27.1 °F26.3 °F0.8 WNW (302°)7.8 WNW (296°)
Feb 27, 20173:15 am24.8 °F23.8 °F0.3 WNW (296°)7.0 WNW (296°)
Feb 27, 20173:30 am24.4 °F23.9 °F0.3 WNW (300°)7.1 WNW (296°)
Feb 27, 20173:45 am24.1 °F24.1 °F0.2 WNW (296°)6.8 WNW (296°)
Feb 27, 20174:00 am23.8 °F23.8 °F0.2 WNW (298°)7.2 WNW (296°)
Feb 27, 20174:15 am23.4 °F23.4 °F0 WNW (296°)2.2 WNW (296°)
Feb 27, 20174:30 am23.2 °F23.2 °F0 WNW (296°)-
Feb 27, 20174:45 am22.7 °F22.2 °F0.7 W (281°)6.0 WNW (296°)
Feb 27, 20175:00 am22.5 °F22.5 °F0.3 WNW (296°)7.1 WNW (296°)
Feb 27, 20175:15 am22.2 °F20.3 °F2.0 WSW (253°)8.0 WNW (296°)
Weather data and summary provided for informational purposes only.