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    NEWS:  The 2015 World Ice & Snow Sailing Championship Race is being help in Fond du Lac, WI on Lake Winnebago from February 9 - 14, 2015. 
    See the WISSA 2015 web site.

    The current 2014-2015 ice season has arrived early with ice forming on Winnebago about November 18, 2014.  The Ice Report & Photo below are being updated daily.  Holes are being drilled to check ice thickness and formation.

    FYI: Kevin & Team Wind Power
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Summary: Not enough observations.

Wind: cannot make assesment
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Current Observations Wind Compass
Local Time:
(Nov 28, 2014)
7:05 am
4:18 pm
Day of year: 332
Week of year: 48
9 hrs 13 min 16 sec
14 hrs 46 min 44 sec
Current Season: Winter
( / )
Wind Chill:
(1 min ave)
(5 min ave)
Wind Gust:
(5 min peak)
Peak Gust:
all times are Central Standard Time (CST)
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Wind & Gust Speed Graph
Wind Speeds vs. Time(details ▼)
updated: Friday Nov 28th at 10:30 pm (CST)
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Wind & Gust Direction Graph
Note: West-centered on y-axis due to prevailing winds at this locale.
Wind Directions vs. Time(details ▼)
updated: Friday Nov 28th at 10:31 pm (CST)
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Temperature & Wind Chill Graph
Temperatures vs. Time(details ▼)
updated: Friday Nov 28th at 10:17 pm (CST)
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Wind Speed & Gust Rosette Graph
Wind Speeds vs. Directions(details ▼)
updated: Friday Nov 28th at 10:18 pm (CST)
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Tabular Data for Friday Nov 28th, 2014

A summary of Today's observations are shown in the table below. All measured values are time averages over the 15 minute interval, except wind gusts which by definition are a maximum value. Windsock ratings of 2 or higher are indicated. Observations during daylight hours are shown with light green background for date and time cells. This table is updated every time any graph is updated. Also, clicking a data row will toggle highlighting on/off for easy reference.

The Weather Center records observations every minute (1,440 minutes per day) and that set of data is 'thinned' down to a reasonable number of data points (96 using a 15 minute interval) without sacrificing much data integrity. You can learn more about the system, data and database on the information and sensor pages.

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